Retail Anti-Theft Device

This retail anti-theft device can secure phones, iPads and other tablets, as well as small electronic goods.

Your electronic item is fixed to the anti-theft device using a special adhesive that can later be removed. The anti-theft device is fixed to the retail table using the same adhesive.

If the cable is cut, the device lets off a loud audible signal, protecting your iPhone, iPad, Galaxy Tab or other electronic equipment.

It can also be used for conferences, events and promotions in public places. This item is a deterrent to would-be thieves.

How does the rental of this device work?

The rental charge for the device is listed below.

There is a cost for the single-use adhesive tape (approximately R60.00).

If you require us to setup, conceal cables and neatly glue the cables, please request a quote.

It is important to note that anti-theft devices can be forcibly removed, so it is always wise to enhance security with other means.

For any questions about this listing, call Andrew on 021 207 2352