Lenovo / HP / Dell i5 Desktop Computer

Rent the Lenovo / HP / Dell i5 Desktop Computer. It is a good all-rounder, perfectly suited for most office applications, and can be upgraded.

Min Specifications of your rental PC:

Processor: Intel® Core i5 Processor (3.00 GHz and above)

Form factor: Tower

Memory: 4GB memory

HDD: Min 500GB

Audio: Integrated Audio

Networking: Gigabit Controller

USB: Minimum 4 USB ports

Audio connectors

Display Port: Standard VGA (DVI / HDMI on selected models)

Optical drive: DVD-ROM

Windows 10 / 8..1 / 7 Pro 64 Bit

Keyboard + Mouse

19″-20″ LCD/LED Monitor

Project rollout: Let us help you to roll out your project. Our experienced technicians can pre-load your software safely prior to delivery.

Quality Testing: Every desktop is quality tested after every rental to ensure it operates to its peak performance. The hard-drive and data are securely wiped and reloaded with a new operating system after every rental.

Repairs / Swap outs: We repair or replace any faulty hardware at no added cost.

Go Care (Our monthly rental maintenance plan): When you rent our PC’s on a monthly basis, we call it HaaS, or “Hardware as a Service”. Our HaaS offering includes Go Care, which provides you maximum uptime for your business:

Next Business Day – Guaranteed Replacement (to major centres)

Spare Units on site (for 10 units or more)

Protected against theft and accidental damage (included)

Software: We offer the latest Office Applications for a competitive monthly rate. Enquire about Office 365, or simply just the office applications you need.

For any questions about this listing, call Andrew on 021 207 2352