2.4m x 1.5m mesh trailers to rent

2.4m x 1.5m mesh trailers

Max load: 500 KG's




We hire trailers on a same-day return basis. This means any trailers hired must be returned the same day, or before 09:00 the following morning by arrangement, or an additional day's fee will be incurred.

Bookings are held until 09:00 on the day of the booking, thereafter they are hired on a 'first come, first served basis'. Unless arrangements have been made with the branch manager.

We require proof of a South African driver's licence for each hire as well as certain details which will be requested by our staff

Customers are responsible for any damage to trailers

Customers sign and agree to a full set of terms and conditions on the back of each invoice upon hiring a trailer

We do not allow trailers to be used

for the transportation of:

Livestock or humans

Building rubble

Hazardous chemicals

Large quantities of water (no JoJo tanks)

Anything which may damage the trailer, axle or wheel bearings

For any questions about this listing, call Andrew on 021 207 2352