Masonry Saw - electric

The Electric Masonry Saw is ideal for cutting masonry and natural stone products such as slate, marble, limestone or brick. It is supplied with a 350 mm diamond cutting blade. There are various blades available suitable for glazed ceramic, porcelain, quarry, slate, natural stone, cement tiles or clay brick. The cutter incorporates a sliding table to allow for easy precise cutting and a water container with water pump for blade cooling.

Delivery is optional but the cost is not included in the price. For more information please contact us.

Optional insurance is provided but not included in the price (10% on the hire charge).

Product Specifications

Table Size: 500 x 500mm.

Blade Size: Ø350 x 2.6 x Ø22mm

Maximum Cutting Depth: 90°: 120mm

Input Volt: 220V



Angle Jig

Abrasives normally sold with this product

Diamond Blade 350mm

Equipment normally on hire with this product

20m Extension Lead

For any questions about this listing, call or whatsapp Andrew on 071 403 9117